Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19) has now become a pandemic that affects the entire world, and this worldwide health burden has prompted nations to implement strict regulations and guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading and infecting more people. However, the US government seems to be at lost on how to handle this global dilemma.

Trump’s latest action, which surely caught the attention of many, was to implement travel restrictions to most parts of Europe. Airport screening is also being expected at the moment. In a recent address, POTUS claimed that there are more cases of coronavirus infection cases that have been recorded in Europe than in the US. He was also quoted calling the infectious entity “foreign virus” although increasing numbers of people are being diagnosed in American soil.

The travel restriction means that people who have stayed in the past 2 weeks in 26 countries in Europe will be inhibited from entering the US. Still, there will be exemptions to this ban, such as the American citizens, green card holders, and specific family members and groups of people. However, the exempted individuals will have to undergo health screening upon arrival.

The expected influx of people will be handled by 13 airports around the US. The arriving population will be screened and verified as returning American citizen. They will also be mandated to undergo self-quarantine for 14 days.

The people arriving from Europe will land on airports currently handling the screening for passengers that came from China and Iran. The number of airports conducting the screening may increase depending on the suggestions of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already prepared for the security of the screenings, although air traffic is being monitored to ensure that CDC can appropriately perform their duties.

In light of the pandemics, several airlines have already canceled their European flights. Meanwhile, although the US governments sees the danger posed by people arriving from various European countries, it seems to think otherwise for those originating from the United Kingdom. Interestingly, Trump thinks that the “very strong borders” of UK are enough to alleviate his concerns about the virus in this country.

Despite the danger posed by the continuous spread of coronavirus, some people doubt whether imposing travel bans makes sense, especially in Europe where certain areas essentially do not have borders that can restrict people’s travels. Thus, the US government can only be more stringent in its health screenings and implementation of health guidelines to prevent the pandemic from causing the death of more people. Hopefully, a vaccine can be developed soon and be used in treating those who have been infected.