No one can deny the importance of seeking medical help for various health conditions. However, doctor consultations can be time consuming and tedious, especially when one must wait for a long time while waiting to be accommodated. Fortunately, there are several proven effective medical hacks that people can apply without requiring the approval from their doctors.

The usefulness of dental floss does not end up with cleaning the teeth. It can also be used to treat ingrown toenails. First, one must soak their feet in warm water for 15 minutes at certain intervals for a whole day. Then, a waxed dental floss can be used to separate the toenail from the skin. Using antibiotic cream is also recommended to avoid infection.

Notably, psoriasis should be combatted by health meals, proper hydration, and stress management. This condition also normally includes the use of prescription creams. However, for sudden flareups, tea tree oil can be used as alternative. Tea tree oil has also been reported to aid in the removal of dead skin cells.

  • Remove warts using duct tape

Although warts are not a life-threatening, they can be painful and really ugly to look at. Duct tape effectively works in pulling warts out, though this solution might not be for the faint-hearted. One study also showed that this hack is more effective than cryotherapy in removing warts.

 For minor bleeding injuries, one may need not to go to the hospital. Instead, they can just some ground black pepper, which aids in blood clotting, to cover their wound.

  • Relieve toothaches with cloves

Toothaches can be a nightmare for anyone. But, what can we do if they pester us at night, when dental clinics are already closed, and dentists are already in the comforts of their home? Cloves. Apply cloves to numb the mouth surface. Their antibacterial property indicates the potential of cloves as treatment for gum diseases.

  • Treat spider bites with battery

Spider bites cause itchiness and pain, but as has been practiced in the military, a battery can be used to cure spider bites. The current from the battery deactivates the venom, resulting in pain or itch relief. Some suggest wetting the battery first before placing it over the spider bite.

Given the hassle of scheduling for doctor’s appointment and high cost of medications, resorting to alternative medical solutions has become a common practice. People already made claims about the effectiveness of these alternative treatments. Still, in the end, one must decide if a doctor should be consulted for their health condition.