If there’s any person that all renters should please, that would be their landlord. And the reason is pretty understandable: renters should be nice to their landlords to avoid problems in their housing and to save time and money.

However, renters should harbor nor hard feelings against their landlords. As a matter of fact, landlords are the other party in their business relationship. Understandably, landlords are always on the lookout for timely rent payment and the highest amount if possible. On the other hand, renters are aiming for the lowest fees for their homes. Thus, given their different goals, renters and landlords must reach an amenable relationship.

For renters, they would a want to build a strong relationship with their landlords to secure more reasonable rent and beneficial long-term contracts. They can achieve such goals by following some tips on how to be a good tenant.

In reality, most tenants fail to read in full their lease contracts. Yes, tenants normally blindsidedly just sign their contracts. However, the lack of knowledge on the content of their lease can eventually affect them and their relationship with their landlords.

The lease contract entails the rules that renters should know about and guidelines on which party is responsible for certain responsibilities like replacement of air filters, maintenance of sidewalks, or mowing the lawn. Full understanding of the lease terms can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between renters and landlords.

  • Do not violate the lease

Lease contracts are legally binding. Thus, any violation on lease terms subject the renters to possible eviction. Most landlords can be lenient about violations such as late payment, but renters should still follow their contract to avoid eviction. In certain cases, renters can appeal their landlord to modify specific terms in their contract. Most landlords can be reasoned with proper and peaceful negotiation.

  • Pay the rent on time

All landlords love renters who pay rent on schedule. To avoid delayed payments, renters should first check out if they can really afford the rent of a home in addition to their monthly expenses. In case of late payment, it’s better to inform the landlord immediately to prevent them from reporting to the credit bureaus. Likewise, renters should find ways to consistently pay their rent on time despite financial difficulties.

  • Take good care of the rental unit like one’s property

People take good care of their properties, and they can do the same for their units if they treat them as their own home. Renters who are responsible in maintaining their rental homes can normally make arrangements with their landlords to add certain modifications. Furthermore, proper maintenance of rental homes is the best way to secure the deposit in case a renter decides to move. Significant damage to the rented property can use up one’s deposit for repairs.

To summarize, renters are not expected to always please their landlords, but they are expected to hold their end in their business relationship. By being good tenants, renters can get on the good side of their landlords and continue renting their homes for a long time.